Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons are arguable some of the bravest people you will ever come across. Once you fully understand the extent of the demand of their everyday lives, you will come to appreciate the sacrifices they make and the cause they serve.

Tree Surgeon

What Do They Do?

Tree surgeons, for lack of a better explanation, actually perform surgery on trees.  Their whole goal is to protect and preserve trees so when there is a disease, weather damage or insect infestation, these are the people who arrive to make sure that the tree does not have to be cut down.  Tree surgeons are environmentalists of the truest kind.  Not only do they tend to trees that need attention, they also plant new trees, lead conservation projects, and provide information to others who are concerned about the state of their own trees.

They are also divided into different categories depending on what they do; some are planters, some are ground workers, and the actual surgeons are the climbers.  The climbers are responsible for the more invasive work that has to be done on the trees.

What are Their Work Conditions?

Tree surgeons must work where there are trees; this means that they are always outdoors and can be found just about anywhere from public parks to woodland areas.  Their job is also incredibly dangerous since they work at major heights and are constantly using dangerous equipment.  Generally, tree surgeons are strapped in a harness with their chainsaw attached to them as they climb the tree.  They are required to possess an immense amount of physical strength and stamina in order to aptly climb trees and manage their task at increasing heights.

Often, tree surgeons are required to work in inclement weather which means they must be prepared to climb trees in rain, snow, or excessive heat.  Of course these things only increase the dangers involved in the job, which leads one to believe that these people are a rare kind of fearless.

The Big Question; How Much Do They Make?

Because of the dangers involved, the skills required, and the fact that no just anyone can perform this job, you would actually suspect that tree surgeons make more than they do.  According to the most recent reports, the average annual salary of a tree surgeon ranged from £14,000 to £23,000.  Of course this will vary greatly depending on where you work, what your skill level is, and the company that you work for.

One thing about tree surgeons is that their job offers great potential for extra work, overtime, and bonuses.  Since emergencies do happen, they are often called in to work late at night or on weekends.  If a project takes longer than planned, they are expected to stay late until it is complete.  While this may be hard on their personal lives, it does have significant financial perks.

How Would I Begin?

There are several different avenues one can take to become a tree surgeon, but the first and most important thing is to consider whether this job is right for you.  There is significant danger involved as well as a physical demand unheard of in almost any other line of work.  It would be a shame to waste your time and money training for this job if you will end up hating it.

First thing, you will want to decide whether to enrol in college and get your training that way, or if you are going to seek out on the job training.  Either is sufficient but they are completely different.  If you are not absolutely sure that this is the path for you, on the job training is probably the best choice.  Tree surgeons put their lives at risk for the cause they serve and it’s something that just anyone can or should do.