About Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons are an important part of life for many people and it is amazing how much more they do then just fell trees. At one time it was considered that a tree surgeon was just a fancy name for a lumberjack, but the job really is much more detailed.

About Tree Surgeons

About Tree Surgeons Hands on Work

When you first realise that you need a tree surgeon it is usually because you have a problem with a tree and it requires much more work than you are happy to take on yourself.  There could be a number of problems that you are not able to deal with and the tree surgeon you hire should be able to find a solution.  The good thing about tree surgeons is that they will not only have the experience and expertise but also the equipment that might be needed to reach tall trees or those in a difficult to reach place.  

Once the tree has been felled or crowned they will be able to help with other aspects of gardening.  This will usually include landscaping, planting and maintaining the garden over the years.  Most people will think that a tree is a problem when it is above the ground and while it is mainly the branches that need to be dealt with there are also problems with the roots.  Quite often they begin to encroach on buildings and have to be removed and this is also something that the tree surgeon can do.

About Tree Surgeons Other Work

There are other areas that a tree surgeon needs to be trained in and this is the work that does not take place in a garden or woodland.  They will need to be up to date with all the changes in rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with trees and they will often be asked for reports to be prepared if there is uncertainty over what can or cannot be done to certain trees.  If a tree is in a conservation area there will be limits as to what can be done.  Tree preservation orders can also cause problems for tree surgeons and they will not always be able to remove a tree or cut it back as much as they would think suitable.  

They can even be called in to give opinions on behalf of a mortgage company.  If there is someone looking for a mortgage the company may not be happy lending money to people who are going to buy a property that may be damaged by a tree and a condition of the loan may be that the tree is removed.  It will be here that the tree surgeon will give an opinion as to how much it will cost to sort out the problem and then the decision can be made as to who will pay.

All in all tree surgeons can be excused for not knowing what they will be doing from one day to the next.  It is in fact a varied job and one that will make sure that the tree surgeon is kept interested for many years.