Pros and Cons for Tree Surgeon

Easily one of the most diverse and exciting career paths, tree surgeons live for the adrenaline rush that each day brings. While those of us on the ground may have our own opinions about these tree climbers, it is just like any other career and there are definite pros and cons for tree surgeon.

Pros and Cons for Tree Surgeon

The Up Side of Being a Tree Surgeon

It’s safe to assume that anyone who decides to become a tree surgeon has a genuine love of nature and the environment.  This career not only allows them to spend every day outdoors in the environment that they love so much, but it also allows them to go home at the end of each day knowing that they have made a difference.

Unlike logging and other similar occupations, tree surgeons are interested in saving and preserving trees.  This means that being a tree surgeon is far more than just climbing trees and cutting them down.  True to its name, tree surgery is literally performing surgery on a tree and tree surgeons are saving the lives of trees just like doctors save the lives of humans.

Tree surgery also allows tree surgeons to share their conservation mentality with others.  Rather than standing by helplessly like the rest of us, they are actually doing something about the state of the environment and physically contributing to preserving the trees that are becoming fewer in numbers all the time.

In general, their love of nature also gives tree surgeons a love of the outdoors and being in this field of work lets them call the great outdoors their office.  They must also have a love of physical activity and this career lets them put their skills to good use.

The Questionable Aspects

Depending on how you look the pros and cons for tree surgeon, you may think that the cons outweigh the pros.  Make no mistake, this job is a difficult one that requires a certain type of person with very distinct skills.  Tree surgery is done at the top of some of the tallest trees you have ever seen.  This job is incredibly dangerous and in fact, has been named the most dangerous job you can have in the UK.  The dangers are definitely the biggest downside to this career- even with proper training things can go wrong and accidents can happen.

Tree surgeons do not perform a normal 9 to 5 day job that allows for days off when the weather is not at its best.  Tree surgery often has to be done in the worst possible weather conditions which only makes the job that much more dangerous.  The physical demand can also be a definite downside to this career path.  Day in and day out these people are required to devote every ounce of physical strength they possess to climbing trees while holding onto a chainsaw.  The strain is often such that they have to force themselves to continue on when they are not sure they can.

A Choice

The pros and cons for tree surgeon must be carefully weighed before deciding that this is the job for you.  While there are many benefits offered by no other job, the dangers and physical demand required may not be something you are fully prepared for.  Spend the time necessary researching the job and compile your own list of pros and cons for tree surgeon and make the decision that will suit you best.

When discussing the pros and cons for tree surgeon, there are most likely more cons that come to mind.  Because most of us don’t fully understand the environmentalist love these people have for what they do, we cannot fully appreciate their feelings about their job.