Tree Surgeon Equipment

When people hear the term ‘tree surgery’, some have the silly, preconceived notion that it is a tree-saving practice of helping injured trees recover through some sort of operation that is similar to what you see in hospitals. However, tree surgery is much simpler. It involves the maintenance, pruning, and growing of healthy trees that make our lush greenery look more beautiful than ever.

Tree Surgeon Equipment

Regardless of whether you work as a forester or professional tree surgeon, you need to have a complete set of tree surgeon equipment to help you with your work.  As for people who are greatly interested with tree surgeon work, you might also want to know something about tree surgeon equipment that these professionals use.  Here is some equipment that you need to invest in if you want to enter the tree surgery profession:

Safety and Utilities

A tree surgeon needs safety equipment such as harnesses when working on tall trees.  Therefore, regardless of the type of harness you want to get, you should purchase a set for yourself first before climbing any trees to work on.  For any part of a tree that needs transporting, you better buy yourself a trolley.  This will help you move heavy tree parts around rather than carry them piece by piece.

Climbing Equipment

A tree surgeon works on tall trees almost all the time, so tree surgeon equipment is not complete without climbing gear.  Carabiners can help you in certain situations where the old, dependable harness’ prowess is limited.  You also need ascenders/descenders to help you climb up and down while using your harness.  This makes it easier for you to move along the length of the tree even if you are holding some of your tree surgeon equipment.  You also need climbing spurs to wear so you will not slip off a tree branch so easily.

Trimming Equipment

To trim or prune tall trees, you need to get yourself some dependable pruning saws.  These saws can cut thick branches easily compared to standard pruning shears.  The loppers, small scissors used to trim small twigs and branches, have adjustable handles that can help you reach difficult areas on the tree.  The pruning shears, or secateurs as they are commonly called, are used on shorter plants, shrubs, and trees.  Lastly, you need your bow saw for cross-cutting tree branches.

Landscaping Equipment

Lastly, you need to get yourself some landscaping equipment to help you complete tree surgery tasks with ease.  The tree surgeon equipment that fall under this category are your axe for shaping, cutting, and splitting wood, splitting mauls, for splitting wood along the tree’s grain, and the sledge hammer that is often used to assist the cutting of thick tree trunks.

As you go along with your tree surgery practice, you will realise which types of tree surgeon equipment are most comfortable to use, based on your personal opinion.  To ensure your safety and utter enjoyment, always purchase high quality equipment from trusted sellers so you can enjoy years of tree surgery work without any worry at all.