Tree Surgeon Fitness

If you think of tree surgery you may be thinking of a job similar to that of a gardener or landscaper. However tree surgery is a job that is much more demanding and requires a high level of fitness to complete. Fully trained tree surgeons are expected to climb trees and handle quite heavy machinery at heights, both of these require a high fitness level to do safely and effectively.

Tree Surgeon Fitness

All Seasons Tree Surgeon Fitness

The main work season for tree surgeons is between September and March.  This is the main working season because it is a time when birds are not nesting and the wintery weather can cause many problems with trees in the UK.  It is also the main time when trees need an extra bit of care to ensure their health.  If you think of the weather in the UK during these seasons, it is fair to assume that it is not good.  Most of us would not be prepared to venture outside for long during the winter months but this is something that a tree surgeon must do on a daily basis – rain or shine.  The mental and physical tree surgeon fitness when battling the elements needs to be high.  People in this career field need to be a lot fitter than the average person to complete their daily jobs.

Tree Surgeon Fitness and Equipment

The main job of a fully qualified tree surgeon involves climbing trees and using a chain saw to eliminate areas that are causing trouble.  This can be branches and leaves that are blocking the light, or branches that are hanging low and causing obstruction to pavements and roads.  A tree surgeon needs to have the physical strength to initially pulley himself high into a tree using climbing equipment whilst holding a chainsaw.  He then needs to be able to work at this height using the equipment in a safe manner.  All of this requires great upper body strength to be done safely and effectively.

Tree Surgeon Fitness and Retirement

Due to the fitness levels required of a tree surgeon, it is uncommon for most to carry on physical work into their late forties and fifties.  In fact it is widely recognised that the retirement age for a tree surgeon is 45.  Although people do carry on in the same line of work past this age, they commonly opt for the lower physical strength jobs as when the physical tree surgeon fitness begins to diminish, the jobs become much more dangerous.

If You are Planning to go into Tree Surgery

If you are planning on entering tree surgery as a career, you will be well advised to research online about the different tasks that will be expected of you.  This is a job that expects a high level of fitness, stamina and the ability to work in all kinds of weathers.  Most tree surgeons truly have a love for the job, but you will have to put the effort in physically to truly become successful in this career.